Wednesday, April 1, 2009

San Diego "I've never been so far from the ocean!"

Seth and Vincent pooled their flight miles and got us tickets to San Diego during March break. We have never had a better vacation! It was five days of fun, food and felicity. Our trip out on the plane was ..... interesting..... as we missed the first flight, and ended up taking four legs. Ella really dresses up to go to the office. She is the most amazing dog,and I wish she was ours! but at least she is our grand dog. Seth was in the middle of being apponted to a new branch of U S Bank. In fact he was transferred to the Mission Hills branch, just blocks from their beautiful historic bungalow home. We went to the Hotel Del Coronado, where all the movie stars go. Our Lake Sunapee Bank pen really travelled, and the Andover people got a kick out of knowing it was photographed right where Marilyn Monroe was filmed. Vincent and Art and Seth were stylin, and looked every bit at home in this glamorous place. The king and queen were in residence at the victorian hotel. Vincent and Art and I went to Point Loma Lighthouse and Cabello Point. What a breathtaking experience. History oozing out of every square inch. Vincent is the consummate host. He makes everyone feel special and his laugh is infectious. As CFO for a hip hop clothing manufacturer, he was in the midst of moving the company to a new warehouse. What a headache for him, and yet he is totally magnanimous and hospitable. (He even got to go to the Grammy Awards because the company he runs sells to the stars.) This historic interpreter at Point Loma works for the Park Service. He was hysterical. He had a brougue and told many a tall tale. He was trying to sell us some Dead Sea air as a tonic. This topiary marks the entrance to the San Diego Zoo. It is easy to see that this is an elephant. (Not Art.... the greenery.) But we saw many REAL elephants. As well as lions and tigers and bears, oh my. My favorite was the tapirs. This camel is a male, and he was in rutting season. When a male camel is in that state he foams at the mouth. Copious amounts of white spit were running out of this one, like a faucet. He also smelled. He smelled BAD. The park rangers were exercising the camels, and quite a crowd gathered to see this one. To my utter astonishment, Art was drawn to this camel like a moth to a flame. He couldn't get close enough to this beast. By the time he was through mauling the poor thing he was covered with spit. Art still talks about this camel fondly. The botanical collection at the Zoo is worth more than the wildlife! Everywhere one looks there is a mystery bush or an exotic tree. I was in delirium. He we see a parrot just chillin in a bush. There were unspeakable beauties every where you looked. These are Seth and Vincent's friends. they have really GOOD friends, and it was an honor to meet them.

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