Sunday, April 5, 2009

April showers

Day after 5K. Nelson and Gregor ran in a 6 KM race in Concord. Gregor instructed Nelson to run with him and not run ahead. They got close to the finish, and Nelson said, “Now Dad? Now will you let me run?” So Gregor said “Yeah” and Nelson sprinted off. Gregor managed to get to the end, too. Nelson was ready for more. Gregor said that Nelson expressed his dissatisfaction with where he placed in the race and could have placed better if Gregor had not held him back, Gregor pointed out that he had placed first in his age category, In fact, only one youth beat him – and that was a 14-year old. Dad just got through the first revisit day. There were over 200 extra mouths to feed. Gregor says this is very unusual for the private school in today’s economy, and that in fact it blasts the old record for Proctor. I followed Dad around for ten minutes and took photos. These are some of the things he did in those ten minutes. (I didn’t get him refilling the orange juice or answering the phone.) Ooops! You caught me! Yoghurt for the little girl. Wash out the yoghurt container. "Choppin broccoli..." Swayze wants sour cream. Reaching... Always reaching... Teaching the help to wash their hands Brief chat with Josh Norris.

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