Monday, April 13, 2009

Grace is growing SO fast. Now she walks while someone holds her hands. But, holy cow! Mom better not leave the room or all %^&*()_ happens.Ella Jane told me, "I'm a grown up now, so I can go out (in the church foyer) to look for my Mom all by myself." I let her go, but then sent Chloe out for counter surveillance. Ella actually took most of these photos.Chloe Madeleine has learned to jumprope. In front of my very eyes she jumped 87 times! Then she did reversies and made it to 23!Hailey Anne plays the violin now. She and Chloe put on a program of music and the spoken word. A surprise guest appearance by famed ballerina Ella made the show completely, adorably perfect. Grace looked on and drooled copiously. I must confess that with so much activity all about me, my head was fairly spinning towards the end. It is always a blessing and pleasure to visit with Brendaen and Jill. As each child has been added to the family it has become all the sweeter. We are so proud of our son and his wife. They are doing their life here on earth with real class. Love spills out of every room of their house.

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