Saturday, April 18, 2009

"I have pneumonia, can you tell?" I sat for the kids Thursday evening, and this is cheerful little Paige. The next day her Mom took her to the doctor, and the nice doctor said that Paige had quite a case of the P. Hard to tell here.Or here. Paige and Brynne sometimes take our breath away with their beauty.Brynne has always wanted to be a cowgirl.Nelson, on the other hand, has always wanted to be a trapeze artist.In the course of ten minutes I was able to capture his image jumping out of the swing, climbing a tree,riding his bike,jumping on his pogo stick, and chasing his shadow with a sword and shield. I must also mention that he was wrestling his sister on top of the picnic table, and she managed to give him a mighty shove with her foot that landed him awkwardly astride the bench. Next he was on the ground writhing, and we were afraid he would have to recite his poem at Poetry Night, two hours away, in falsetto.This is the quilt I made for Jessica's 1st birthday.This is a cloth basket I made for Vincent and Seth to thank them for thier hospitality to me and Art when we visited them in Cali. It is meant to compliment the craftsmen style of their bungalo, which is on the historic register. Gregor and Amy are amazed at how fast the chicks are becoming chickens.Cope was given a computer by her Uncle Ian, just before he left on his mission. It had seen him through four years of Proctor and one of college. He can't use it where he is now!Cope and Nelson both made the finals in the school poetry recitation contest. Gregor took this photo of Cope as she delighted the crowd with the entire version of the Highway Man. Nelson gave a fanciful poem about a boy's imaginary day, ending with, "And then I died!"

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