Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip to Ogunquit

A storm lashed the North Atlantic coast, and Maine was socked in by thick fog and drenching rain. Of course. It was school vacation, and I had rented a condo at Ogunquit Beach, Maine for four days. We did get to the beach, though. It was amazing to see the waves crash against the rocks.Nelson dug for treasure.Brynne beachcombed.Cope dreamed of mermaids.But then a mean rogue wave came in and gobbled up 30 yards of dry beach. The kids got their boots full of water and poor Paige sat down hard and got drenched. We had to go to a thrift store to buy Brynne a pair of dry pants.We visited the homestead of our ancestor, William Hammond, who founded Wells, Maine.The stream next to his home was in full rage. The remains of foundations from grist and saw mills can still be seen in the stream.The Inn at the Falls was great for us. Here we see one of the two rooms. There was only one bed, that Cope and I shared, but I brought along an inflatable mattress and Nelson slept on the pull-out sofa.There was one full bathroom, but also a very large whirlpool tub in the bedroom. The kids had a blast in there! We watched several movies: Bolt, Bedtime Stories and The Tale of Despereaux. There was even popcorn. We created "flat travelers", who are going to go on a world tour. Maybe they will even visit YOU!

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