Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week of May 3 - 10

Well, the day finally came. May 9, 2009. Dick Brewster went down to Hillsboro to pick up a truckload of bees that had been carted up from Georgia. Georgia had a cold, wet spring, so the bees were a month late to "wake up" or get strong enough to divide into packages. After picking up my girls from Dick I put them in the cool basement for the night. The next morning I dressed up in my Michellin Tire/Pillsbury Doughboy suit and bravely hived them. (I had only watched the how-to video three thousand times.) They were very well-behaved, and I was not stung. Then I left them for the prescribed 4-5 days. In this package are 10,000 worker bees. I had to get all of them into the hive. Tricky. Scary. My hive is made of polystyrene, and is quite controversial. The results nationwide are mixed right now. We shall see.My apiary is a mess right now. I have almost got the electric wire up. I have to figure out the gate part. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day. I just hope I get the fence up before the local bears figure out where that sweet scent of honey is coming from! I am also collecting old carpet to keep down the grass and weeds. Bees don't seem to like power mowers very much.I have been taking sewing classes. Recently I learned a technique for making baskets that has been a lot of fun for me. I've made several of them on my own and given them away as special gifts. This one was for my sister Leslie. Basically it is window sash covered by wrapping it with cloth scraps. It is then sewn with a zig-zag stitch into the shape one desires. For me it is therapeutic. I can start and then finish a project in about two days. To wrap all that cord takes roughly two movies.Here is proof that a wild animal can be domesticated. Nelson is unloading and loading the dishwasher. For a wild animal, he is pretty sweet and cuddly, though. What a love-bug. He will be baptized on May 24th. His other Gramma and Grampa are coming from Omaha, as well as other relatives. It hardly seems possible that he is turning eight.Today Paige helped me pick all my rhubarb to send to her Great Grampa Dan in Florida. What a cutie she is in her rhubarb-leaf bonnet. I am very grateful for all the attention on Mothers Day, from this beautiful bouquet from Seth and Vincent, to the cards (many hand-made) and phone calls. It was particularly gratifying to hear from Ian, who is now in his fourth month of missionary work in Colorado. All who heard him on the speaker phone are impressed with the almost unbelievable rate of growth he is experiencing.

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