Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missy LOVES to go "swimming" at Bradley Lake. At 11 years old, she has become fairly sedate. She just likes to walk back and forth in the water. Today there were "Three Little Duckies" near the shore. but Missy just ignored them and continued walking back and forth. It seemed she was oblivious to their presence. But wait! Suddenly she lunged at them, scaring us all to pieces. "Stop, Missy! No!" She looked back at us guiltily, and just went back to patrolling the shore. But the duck mother scolded her soundly. This week Arthur had nasal septoplasty to correct a deviated septum that he has had for lo these many years. It was day surgery. In at 6 am, home by noon. This is a picture of Art on opiates. But he rebounded well, and soldiered bravely on. Because he just got called as Executive Secretary for the Canterbury Ward, he needed to know how to retrieve messages from his cell phone. He got downright plucky and went into US Cellular. However, while he was there we found out that he was eligible for an upgraded phone. Sure enough, he left with a fancy new model with BIG numbers, and a new password he can remember. My garden is growing well, in its third season. The strawberries are thicker than measles, and the lupines have naturalized obediently. This month I wrote an article for the Andover Beacon about a crash, 50 years ago, of an Air Force Stratotanker KC-97 on the Plains of Andover. Those tankers were used to refuel the B-47's that carried the nuclear warheads for SAC. They were "gasoline stations in the sky." This one didn't make it. All seven men aboard were killed while trying to find a place to put down in a hayfield. They circled several times in the dark, foggy night, looking for a flat place without any houses. Unfortunately, the hayfied was not flat. However, the captain did manage to squeak by all the houses. The crash was an inferno. This piece of the plane was found about a mile away. Brynne and Gramma Heather went for a ride to a garden in a secret place. Brynne was delighted to learn the name of the flowers is "lupines." And she was delighted to learn that lupines smell like sweetpeas.
We also went to the annual meeting of the New Hampshire Beekeepers Association. It was held at Musterfield Farm in Sutton, NH. There we saw some old-fashioned skeps. And Brynne learned about one-holed privies. We had a delightful time watching a flutter-by drinking nectar from the blackberry bramble flowers. We got these wonderful pictures of Johhny and Jessica and their cousins from Tiffany and Si. I recently wrote an article for the Andover Beacon about the arrival of an old freight car which was donated to the Andover Historical Society. It was a wonderful event, and the car is a great addition to the Society's collection. Because the spaces between the outer metal shell and the inner wooden walls was filled with sawdust, it is believed that this may once have been used as a refridgerator car, using blocks of ice. today we parked next to a car at Burger King, and when we looked over, we realized that the car obviously belonged to a celebrity. The sporty car..... the kayaks..... the bicycles mounted on racks in the back...... the really cool collar the guy was sporting.......

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