Monday, June 1, 2009

Si and Tiffany sent us these photos of Jessica, who is now one-year-old. This week is Johnny's birthday. We hope to have pics of him soon. Happy B-day, Johhny. I visited Needham to attend Hailey's poetry night at her school. Her family were all there to support her. It was fun. Later Jill and Brendaen went out on a date! I got to babysit. Grace cried the entire time, non stop, but the other three girls were little peaches. Ella has really grown up a lot. She now rides a bike and spends a lot of time learning on the computer. At the end of the first week, I checked my hive and found that the girls had done a strange thing. Instead of building in the frames where they are supposed to be, they built comb on the floor of the feeder tank overhead. Oh, oh. It was hard to remove it from the hive, because they comb was interlaced with the lower frames. "What to do? What to do?" I wondered as 10,000 bees buzzed angrily all around me. I decided to remove the feeder tank and place it next to the entrance to their hive. In the following two days the queen elected to go back into the hive, and her entourage followed her in. I checked the hive after another week had elapsed and found that while a huge percentage of the older bees had died off, they had been replaced by new ones. So I guess we're okay so far. I have literally over 1000 strawberries ready to ripen in my small kitchen patch. That does not include the patch out back. WHAT am I going to do with all those berries? I took this photo of the Boston Massachusetts Temple the other day in a slight drizzle. It was so clean and green on the grounds, and so peaceful. Paige has learned to ride her bike. Of course her feet don't touch the pedals, but she is quite content to just sit there perched on top of her world. Nelson Gregory Makechnie is the newest member of the Canterbury Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. May 17, 2009. I made this dress for Brynne's birthday. It is the hardest sewing project I have attempted to date. When Nelson was baptized, all of his mid-west relatives came to celebrate. While here they participated in the Blackfly 5K. Of course, this family is gifted, so they all got a medal of some sort. Amy didn't even break a sweat. Nelson got first in his age group. Hailey and Chloe were proud to have run together, and Cope gave her medal to her cousin Annie.

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