Saturday, July 11, 2009

We recently traveled to Brendaen's to visit. They had just returned from a vacation in North Carolina, where they had a marvelous time. While there, little Grace turned one-year-old, so we celebrated with a watermelon head. This "cast of characters' is brought to you courtesy Hailey, who is proud of her cursive. Brendaen was just home from work, so he had to detox. The most important thing, of course, was to look at all his messages. We were impressed with the "oops!" he got on his car this past winter. Surprisingly, he seems to be taking it in stride. This picture was taken by little Ella Jane! Brendaen was making his famous Friday night pizza, which was delicious. Meanwhile little Grace was outside taking Missy-the-Dog for a walk. Ella took this wonderful photo of Grace wearing the new hat which was given to her by Aunt Kim, Uncle Glenn and Cousin Tate. Another dear picture of Her Grace at one-year -old. Grace loves her Mom. She is still at the age where she wants to be held a lot, but is starting to spend a lot of time playing on the floor and interacting with people. That very day a new-old swing set had been brought over by some neighbors, whose children had grown up. It will replace the one that is already there, as it is in poor condition. The kids just love spending time on their own playground. That day the girls had been at summer day-camp, and the theme had been "colors day". Ella and Chloe were on the blue team, but Hailey was green, and we can see that her fingernails were a snazzy lime green for the occasion. Hailey (aka Vanna) is showing us that while the girls were at camp, the fence company came and put up the new fencing to enclose their yard and give them some privacy and a bit more useable space. Jill is looking forward to some more flower beds. Hailey is so active she burns calories like fluff. She could live on ice cream and still be thin. She recently made the Allstar soccer team, and will be traveling for playoffs. Ella was anxious to show us that she can climb the slide; no small feat for one as young as she. Up! Up! Up! Oooffff! Nice recovery. Ella at the top of the world. And all that just so she can slide down and do it all over again. Meanwhile Chloe is anxious to show is how she mounts the rings. She starts in the baby seat...... Carefully engages the first ring.... then the second ring.... Agily relases herself from the baby swing..... And... voila! She is also learning cursive. Hailey, Chloe, and now Ella are very, very, VERY good at Mancala. Gramma Heather doesn't stand a chance against any one of them. When they play against each other it can get quite competitive. Grampa Art loves to share Missy-the-Dog with his grandchildren, For the most part, they seem to tolerate her well, and she the same. Here Gramma Heather is demonstrating "the alligator" for Ella, who took the picture. Ella is a talented four-year-old to be able to take pictures. On our way back home to NH we stopped at the temple. It is closed for two weeks for cleaning, but the grounds were open for people like us just to go in and look longingly. I found this marvelous angle, and I look forward to going back in the daytime to get a cool picture. In the last post I wrote about making a flag for the Town of Andover. Well, it was completed five minutes before the flag ceremony on the 4th of July, and presented to the town at the Common. Then the MC decided that it would lead the parade, and was carried by children. The rain and the general wear and tear just about destroyed it. I am going to have to cut the logo out and start new.

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