Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tiffany sent me this darling picture of Jessica. The last time I saw Jess she was a fat little Budda-ette. Now she looks quite fetching. Art and I can hardly wait to see her in November. My Activity Girls had a "Secret Gramma" project. Last night we invited the Grammas and revealed their "Secret Grand daughters". Here Hannah Swain and Anna Petch are sewing a prayer pillow together. Cope and Sister Swett finished their project. We all made pumpkin bread together. I found this old picture at a thrift shop in Franklin. I was interested in it because I could see a little writing throught he backing. I bought it for $1.00, took it home and dismantled the framing, and wow! I was so surprized to find that there was writing on the back. From this information, I went to the internet and typed in the initials, last name and Buffalo, 1868. I came up with the whole genealogy AND the name of the person working on the family. I was able to email her, and send a digital copy. These are her ancestors. Cool.

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